Success Coach

ISS · Kalamazoo, Michigan
Department ISS
Employment Type Full-Time 52 week
Compensation $40,025

Success Coach (Full-Time)

High School Opening

40 hours per week; 52 weeks per year

Starting pay is $40,025 or the equivalent of $19.24 per hour

Benefits eligible

Candidates must be fully vaccinated, in the process, or willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


Responsible for the provision of case management services to specific targeted students identified as having key risk factors for school failure and dropping out.  The designated risk factors are missing 10 or more days of school; failing at least one core class; at least one school suspension; and a grade point average of less than 2.5; students may have one or more of the risk factors.  Case management services include: a comprehensive assessment of student needs; the development of an individual service plan with the student to address priority needs; linking or connecting the student to services to address needs specified in the service plan; monitoring student progress and making adjustments in services as warranted; advocating for services not readily accessed; and evaluating the impact of services on desired outcomes (attendance, behavior, academic achievement and graduation). The Coach position works predominantly in a school setting where access to students is greatest; s/he may conduct home visits in order to have contact with parents and other family members and observe students’ home settings. The goal is for students to view the Coach as a consistent adult who is there to understand his/her comprehensive needs and to secure support services to remediate the needs, help the student build his/her assets and meet academic achievement goals that support school success, graduation and readiness for college or other post-secondary training. The Success Coach may work with students during out of school time periods such as summer, connecting them to opportunities s/he develops and oversees to enhance knowledge, skills and experiences that increase the chances of graduation; this includes credit recovery, career exploration, job application and interviewing and college exploration.



Normal working conditions where there is no physical discomfort due to temperature, dust, noise and the like.  Occasionally lifts average 20-pound boxes of supplies, materials, etc. to waist high level.  Ability to drive plus the availability of a vehicle to use for getting to and from schools, community resources and meetings locally and throughout the State, other events, and for the occasional transport of students and/or families.  Valid Michigan driver’s license and the ability to obtain necessary auto insurance for the above purposes.  Must be able to observe and hear students, staff and providers across a wide range of settings and interpret those observations for the purpose of evaluation, monitoring and strategy modification.  Must be able to work occasional evenings, weekends and/or early mornings in order to cover work responsibilities.  Must be available for occasional travel.


  • Assessment of student assets and needs:
    • Organizing, scheduling, and conducting individual student assessments including interviews and information-gathering from students, parents, teachers, other school personnel and service providers for 40-60 students per year.
    • Communication: listening, observing, interviewing, interpreting and conveying both verbally and in writing.
    • Engaging and forming relationship skills with students and families in order to gain trust and learn about their perspectives.
    • Obtain appropriate authorizations for releases and consents to obtain information from other sources such as physicians, other professionals.
    • Non-judgmental attitudes and behaviors---develop effective relationships with diverse audiences in support of student needs and goals.
    • Capacity to interpret student behavior in the context of developmental norms.
    • Use of standardized and structured assessment instruments covering a broad range of areas as well as free-form assessment interviews.
  • Development and implementation of individualized service plans with students and their parents/guardians:
    • Identification and formulation of measurable goals and objectives to address priority needs.
    • Identification of service strategies and methodologies that reflect student needs, assets and priorities.
    • Obtain releases and consents to services.
    • Writing and maintaining service plans on 40-60 students per year.
  • Connecting/linking students to appropriate service providers identified in plan and reflective of their needs, assets and priorities.
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of a wide range of community resources. Form effective working relationships with multiple service providers.
    • Develop and maintain an effective understanding of complex eligibility, reimbursement and referral requirements.
    • Understand and execute authorizations to release information, referrals and consents to services.
    • Maintain effective scheduling and facilities arrangements for students to be seen by providers at school.
    • Advocate for services that are not readily available to students when needed.
  • Monitoring student progress and making service adjustments based on progress assessment.
    • Meet on a regular basis with students on caseload to assess and discuss progress.
    • Actively seek input from parents, teachers, service providers on a regular basis as part of assessing progress.
    • Monitor and report available data on key measures of progress---academics, behavior and attendance.
    • Summarize progress and share as appropriate.
    • Adjust services based on progress assessment.
    • Use early warning systems to facilitate additional active interventions to foster “on-track” behaviors.
  • Develops and implements out of school time programs and interventions in collaboration with other partners for college and career exploration, job readiness, essential life skills, etc.
    • Works with students to enroll in summer school and other credit recovery opportunities
    • Collaborates with other Success Coach to serve students from both high schools.
    • Works effectively with the Director of Development to implement career exploration and job readiness strategies.
  • Evaluate impact of services on student outcomes.
    • Collaborate with supervisor and evaluation resources to obtain and interpret data.
  • Collaborate and coordinate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.
    • Develops and maintains effective working relationships with students, parents, school personnel and service partners.
    • Works effectively with CIS Site Coordinator within assigned school(s) to ensure a single and unified CIS team.
    • Ensures and practices a clear understanding and differentiation of roles with the Site Coordinator to maximize CIS resources for students. Demonstrates respect for the Site Coordinator as the primary overall coordinator of school-wide interventions, a single site operations plan for the school and a primary contact for partners.
    • Provides regular effective feedback on students with participants in their service plan including teachers and parents, and in accordance with confidentiality measures and appropriate authorizations to share information.
    • Convenes meetings among providers when service coordination and communication is deemed helpful and in the best interests of the student’s progress.
    • Serves as a mandated reporter in all instances of potential abuse and/or neglect.
    • All other duties as assigned


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in child development, social work, public administration, education or related area.
  • Minimum of two years of experience working with children, adolescents and families.
  • Valid Michigan driver’s license, availability of a vehicle and vehicle insurance.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills, to interact effectively with school staff, parents, students, volunteers, service providers and other team members. Ability to establish credibility with school personnel.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment, discretion, integrity, and knowledge of organizational policies and procedures and to effectively convey such information to others.
  • Well-developed knowledge base on the needs/issues of children and families.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of childhood and adolescent development and exceptional skill in interacting with K-12 students of all ages, gender, race/cultural identity, sexual orientation and gender identification.
  • Appreciation and embracement of diversity and inclusiveness
  • Advanced knowledge of social-emotional/mental health needs and interventions preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently without direct ongoing supervision; experience working in a host setting (a setting managed by an entity other than the employer). Capacity to respond effectively to the concerns and preferences of a person in charge other than the supervisor (e.g. the building principal).


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The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of this job.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.

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    Full-Time 52 week
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